As we approach the New Year, it’s likely you are starting to think of your resolutions for 2015.  This process is often simply a front to things we know will never take place.  Or worse, we make a laundry list of tasks to accomplish, which without a prioritized focus, are not likely to be achieved.

Enter authors Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen.  They have written a book (about an experiment really) called “My One Word”.  The concept is to scrap the long list of to-dos and pick one focus word that spans your life in the coming year.  

 In the spirit of the One Word concept, here is my word for the coming year – STRENGTHEN.  Of course we can’t just leave things there.  We have to elaborate on our chosen word.  So here are the four areas I plan to STRENGTHEN in 2015:

  1. My Family - Our foundation for success starts at home.  My wife Sharon is my best friend and she supports me no matter what crazy ideas I have or where our lives take us.  As many of you know we are in the adoption process for a baby.  This year I will work as hard as ever to support my wife, our family, and the new things that are soon to come.  
  2. Our Company - Huddle Up Group started as a small one man gang focused on sports tourism consulting. The past year we added a youth sports camp company, and will soon add another division to the HUG family (look for that announcement soon!).  Our team will work to strengthen our business by continuing to work collaboratively and to support our partners in every way possible.  
  3. My Relationships - Last year I made a pact with myself to spend more time with those close to me.  While strides were made, I could have done more.  From mentors to my best friends, from golfing buddies to business partners.  I vow to not only take time to check- in with them, but to MAKE time to be with them in a meaningful way.  
  4. Myself - Physically I want to improve my core to help my chronically bad back, lose a few pounds (who wouldn't, right?), and to put myself in a position to run another marathon someday (maybe not actually run one, but put myself in a position to do so).  Mentally I want to continue to participate in life learning activities at our church, within the sports industry, and through educational programs.  Becoming proficient in Spanish is on the bucket list. 

Okay it's way more than one word.  More like one word with a punch list of tasks.  I'm a list maker, I can't help it.  But it's as good a start for a New Year as I've ever had in the past.  So STRENGTHEN it is.  Maybe I will get a Fighting Irish-type sign to go above the driveway door to remind me of the task at hand ("STRENGTHEN Like a Champion Today").

We wish each of you a prosperous New Year, and may your One Word come true.