Easy Reader

Each year about this time we offer up a list of our favorite reads. Some books, some industry articles, blog posts, and even an occasional research paper. These are all thought provoking and easy to read. Without further ado, here is our ever growing list for 2019…..

An article about kids from challenging demographic environments quitting sports: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uneven-playing-field-middle-class-and-poor-kids-are-ditching-youth-sports/

A TV story from one of our partner destinations in Nebraska on how they combat the access issue:

An interesting LinkedIn post on best practices for the workplace:

Some research on what sports are best for our kids in the long run:

An article about our partners in DuPage County, IL on a created event they launched this year: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20190725/elmhurst-cylcing-classic-features-technical-course-party-atmosphere

In addition, here are my favorite business books, in no particular order…..

  1. UNMarketing by Scott Stratten – Scott is an engager. His books are a field guide on how to market effectively in a cluttered media world. If you ever get a chance to see him speak live, do it. He is one of the funniest presenters I’ve ever seen (he also had a hand in the name of our company, but that is a story for a different day).

  2. The Dip by Seth Godin – Anything Seth Godin is good (Purple Cow, Tribes, Linchpin, etc.) but The Dip offers a concept that no other business book I’ve ever read offers….Knowing when to quit versus powering through tough times to reach a goal.

  3. The Book of Business Awesome by Scott Stratten – A case study guide of how to be awesome, or UNawesome. 50+ examples of each. A super fun read.

  4. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – A great view of what makes the best and the brightest tick.

  5. Good to Great by Jim Collins – The concept of accumulating the right talent then figuring out who plays what role is the premise of Good to Great. There is also a separate non-profit guide that puts to work the concepts of the original book within the non-profit sector.

  6. Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell – This is a must read for anyone in the business world.

  7. Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni – Lencioni is a great communicator, both in print and in person. If you ever get a chance to see him speak, he is one of the best. Five Dysfunctions is a great leadership book, and Lencioni’s fable series books are also excellent reads, pick up “Death by Meeting” if you can.

  8. Marketing Outrageously by Jon Spoelstra – By far the best sports marketing book ever written. I’ve used some of the theories in this book to make positive changes in the sports tourism and events world over the years. If you only test drive one of the books on this list, this would be the one to get.

  9. How Full Is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Dr. Donald Clifton – A researchers guide to building people up or draining them with negativity. An easy read we should all page through.

  10. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson – A book about dealing with change. Every professional could use tactical help in this area. Also, one iconic book, The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson – The foundations of managing people start with this book, a must read.

  11. Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss – This book is very thought provoking, in places quite funny, and offers real life action plans to revamp your daily routine. Each chapter has specific resources to help the reader take action to change their work environment for the better. Some of the ideas are a bit out there, but some are easily executable.

  12. Made to Stick by the Heath Brothers – These brothers are both professors at top notch universities and their concepts in this book are centered around storytelling and messaging that make things more memorable. The book basically teaches the reader how to talk to others in a language they can best understand. A great read for anyone that deals with elected officials for sure.

Okay, that is a lot of ground to cover. We have all of these books in our Huddle Up Group library, let us know if you’d like to borrow one and we can get it in your hands.

Over the coming weeks we will be speaking at the Georgia Tourism Conference, moderating two panels at SPORTS, presenting at the SFM Summit, and attending TEAMS, NASC 4S, and the NASC CE Summit. Hope to see you all on the road in the near future.