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The Champions Circle is an ongoing consulting program based on a monthly fee basis. The program is delivered in 6-month and 12-month increments and provides the partnering destination access to the Huddle Up Group Team via phone at a set time each month.

In addition, our Team spends time each month following up on items from the partnership call to deliver back to the partner information you need to enhance your work for your destination.

Below is a list of topics our team has offered best practice support for in the Champions Circle Program:

  • Benchmarking of our client’s CVB/sports commission versus similarly structured organizations

  • Conducted salary/benefit surveys to benchmark each position in the organization

  • Best practices on board recruitment, management, and governance

  • Supported the CEO on board and community engagement concepts

  • Discussed and evaluate the best political path to gain support for new facility development

  • Development of a newly expanded sports department or sports commission

  • Developed a marketing game plan for a new staff member to network in the industry

  • Reviewed job posting for a new position and distributed to our industry network

  • Assisted with the hiring of a new sports development director 

  • Provide insight on community programs and new event development