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The Champions Circle is an ongoing consulting program provided as an affordable subscription fee model. The program was designed to provide ongoing professional support to destinations and sports organizations looking to further enhance the return on investment to their stakeholders.

The program includes a monthly one hour phone call as well as additional time for the Huddle Up Group team to gather and deliver key supporting documents to assist the Champions Circle partner with the challenges of the day.

In addition, our Team spends time each month following up on items from the partnership call to deliver back to the partner information you need to enhance your work for your destination.

Below is a list of topics our team has offered best practice support for in the Champions Circle Program:

  • Develop a game plan for new staff to network in the industry

  • Review job posting for a new position and distribute to our industry network

  • Provide insight on community programs and event development

  • Support in selecting the ideal appointments at industry conferences

  • Warm introductions to key industry leaders to open the door for future events

  • Bylaws review and suggested edits

  • Salary surveys for key executives versus their competitive set

  • Benchmark best practices for board governance

  • Outline for succession planning with organizational leadership

  • Facility data to frame up potential new venue development