Facility development talking points

Here are a couple of key talking points to use when discussing facility development with your local stakeholders.  These are especially important when discussing recreational/local use versus tourism driving tournament uses for any new or enhanced facilities.

  • Unified Success – The communities that have had the best results in driving facility projects forward have done so through strong partnership.  That means including all the key stakeholders in a larger discussion.

  • Community vs. Tourism Use – National best practices show that if the community user groups and the tourism/tournament entities can team up to present a unified front, everyone wins.  It is quite often the case that if the local soccer club (for example) wants to get a new complex built for their use, they don’t have the political strength to get that done on their own.  At the same time, tourism driving organizations that want to build new facilities to attract more overnight stays also don’t find enough political support unless the involve the local user groups.  Even if the CVB/sports commission already has a plan and funding in place, elected officials want some community cover, thusly why you should partner with the local sports clubs to get their buy-in. The key line is this, “If we work together we can attract more economic development through sports tourism on the weekends, and also provide our kids better places to play in our community during the week.”  This message should resonate with your elected officials and also your local parks folks that may not be keen on the tourism side of things and just want new complexes for local play.

  • Home Games – Last one, and for any traveling sports parent, they will get this one.  If we have better facilities, we can host tournaments in our community rather than drive to other destinations.  We can save all those travel dollars and invest them back into our own community.