In 2017, the Southern Oregon Sports Commission (SOSC) created the “Know Your Role” campaign.  The program was developed to address an epidemic in youth sports across the country…

…our kids quit playing sports because they are not having fun.

Numerous studies have shown that “not having fun” is the primary reason that youth stop participating in sports.  Further, these same studies point the finger at the primary culprit, adults.  More specifically, these studies show that kids who feel they are mistreated by referees or their coaches don’t mediate the situation, they simply quit sports altogether.

KYR Know the facts.png

These alarming trends were the primary reasons the Southern Oregon Sports Commission (SOSC) and their partners decided to take action in their home community.  The “Know Your Role” campaign was designed to help adults, no matter what role they play in youth sports, understand that the success of our youth is largely dependent on the culture that the adults create for them.  The program includes three videos:


A message from a young athlete to their parents about the positive and negative impact they can make.

A message about proper sportsmanship.

A message about the impact coaches can make on our youth.


Over the past two years the SOSC has implemented this program in Southern Oregon through a local media campaign which has delivered marked success in curbing bad sportsmanship throughout the region.  The program has had a significant positive impact on the culture of the areas local leagues, at their venues, and through the tournaments they host.  Given this success, the SOSC believes this program should be shared across the country.

The SOSC is offering its industry peers the opportunity to partner on the Know Your Role program in your home communities.  For a small licensing fee, the SOSC will provide each Know Your Role partner destination a customized and locally branded video library, collateral materials branded for your organization, and consultation on best practices for local marketing and partnerships to promote and support the program.

For more information, please contact Jon Schmieder ( to set up a call and discuss how your community can get involved with the Know Your Role program.

*Source: A multi-year study from 2009-2014 was conducted by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association and the Aspen Institute.