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The Sports Tourism Index ™ is a first-of-its kind tool that has been developed to measure the current effectiveness and future potential of a sports tourism and events DESTINATION.

We have surveyed the leading professionals in the sports tourism and events industry to develop the Index’s measurement matrix, which covers four primary focus areas: facilities, destination strength, organizational structure, and events.  This first of its kind ratings system allows for participating organizations to measure itself against several key indicators, including:

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The strength of a destination’s CVB, sports commission, or DMO plays a large part in the tourism and economic development success an organization can have on the community.  The Sports Tourism Index ™ offers a data driven tool for the sports tourism industry to use in measuring the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations leading the charge on behalf of their destination.

Where does your organization rank amongst its competitive set?  Are you above average, just meeting the mark, or do you have room for improvement?  Where are areas of opportunity for our organization?  Until now, there was no way to statistically benchmark these questions and put them into a strategically thought out plan for future success.  The Sport Tourism Index ™ offers destinations the opportunity to evaluate itself and to forge a vision for future success that will positively impact their communities.