"... Leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today—especially in science, technology, engineering and math."

— President Barack Obama, September 16, 2010

Middle School students in the Edison New Jersey school district, are taking part in a BMX-sponsored STEM initiative.

At Huddle Up Group, we understand the significance of educating our youth.  That is the backbone behind our aim to make education a priority.  Through creative, strategic sports activities, STEM Sports provides an opportunity to engage youth on a completely different level.  As one of the nation's leaders in sports-themed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum, our mission is to combine sports and scientific learning to help students develop critical thinking skills that may be applied throughout their lives.

By harnessing the desire to play and be active, we tie in the science behind the sport.  Our curriculums are developed with input from top leaders in the sports industry and are vetted by a Blue Ribbon Panel of educators.  The result is the creation of interactive curriculums rooted in Next Generation Science Standards that use non-traditional disguised learning methods to maximize youth involvement and engagement.  

In Summer of 2016, STEM Sports will announce the additions of several new sports to the program.  The objective is to expand the program's reach into more schools, after-school programs, and summer camps alike with the goal to present new authentic engagement opportunities for students to gain a STEM education while exploring different areas of sports.  


USA BMX became the first Olympic sport to sanction STEM Sports in 2013, partnering in the creation of an eight (8) module curriculum that is equal parts education, athletics, and exercise.  Each participating student receives access to a BMX bicycle and helmet, as well as a free one-day membership to USA BMX to go along with the STEM education. 

Why is STEM Sports unique? 

  • We offer our clients exclusive content that is developed by the most knowledgeable people from both sport and education.
  • Each of our sport curriculums offer a pre- and post-test via mobile technology to evaluate each student’s progress.
  • The curriculums we offer are designed to have long shelf lives so they can be used multiple times to reach new groups of students every term.
  • Our STEM Sports programs are designed to be flexible so they can be used during normal class time, in after school enrichment environments, and in summer/vacation camp times.  No matter what the teaching environment (quarter, semester, trimester, in-school, out of school), our modules can be easily administered.
  • STEM Sports has unmatched ties within the spots movement in the United States.  Our exclusive programs are developed in partnership with the leading sports organizations in the country. Our partners are heavily involved in the development of their sport’s curriculum and each is deeply vested in the delivery of a superior product for STEM educators.