[Insert organization] and the [insert university/college]

Whereas, it is the mission of [insert organization] to effectively market the [insert city] area as a destination for conferences, conventions, sporting events, group tours and leisure; and

Whereas, the [insert university/college] is a key provider of cultural events and activities in the region; and

Whereas, [insert organization] and the [insert university/college] both are committed to maximizing the economic development of the [insert city] area through tourism event offerings;

Therefore, [insert organization] and the [insert university/college] intend to utilize university facilities, when available, for the purposes of hosting appropriate tourism and activities and will work together to develop a detailed use agreement that provides [insert organization] with reliable and predictable scheduling opportunities.  



________________________________                                ______________________________

Organization Representative                                                   University/College Representative





[Insert date]

 This memorandum of agreement shall provide a working framework between [insert organization] and the [insert university/college] for the purpose of working together to provide space on [insert university/college] campus to host events which will in turn use hotels and other businesses connected with [insert organization]. This agreement is designed to provide blocks of time in which [insert organization] is guaranteed access to space up to three (3) year in the future. This will provide [insert organization] the opportunity to bid for events which will utilize spaces on the [insert university/college] campus. Following a winning bid [insert university/college] will work with both [insert organization] and the bidder to establish user agreements and associated fees.

This agreement will be renewed annually on 1st September of each year. There will be a corresponding quarterly review with University staff and [insert organization] to ensure good communication. [Insert organization] will contact the Office of Event Service to request space. An email confirmation to [insert organization] will follow or an email explaining that the space is not available will be sent to [insert organization]. The University establishes room rental and equipment rates at the beginning of the academic year; fees are budgeted to increase 5% annually. Available dates and facilities are:

[Insert facilities and open date time frames]

This agreement is entered into by [insert name], Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and [insert name], Chancellor on behalf of the [insert university/college] and [insert name] Chair of the [insert organization] Board of Directors and [insert name] Executive Director o f[insert organization].


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Organization Representative                                                   University/College Representative


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Organization Representative                                                   University/College Representative