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The Aloe Plant

We have had an aloe plant in our back yard for more than a decade. The plant is so resilient, it has survived numerous Arizona heat waves with little to no water all these years. Last year was the hottest year in Phoenix history and we were sure the plant was on its last legs. But it not only survived, it sprung more offspring. This plant has been producing baby aloes for years. We now have four aloe plants on our back porch and at least a half dozen of our neighbors have a plant – all from our amazing “mother” aloe.

The plant has not looked its best recently, and we thought it may be time to retire it altogether. However, looking over at the plant this weekend, we noticed something miraculous. A new baby plant had emerged.

So what does an aloe plant have to do with life? Great question. The lesson is this……

Even though our lives can be compromised during challenging times, there is always opportunity to birth something great. Sometimes when things look the most bleak, opportunities are there. Like a phoenix, you can rise from the ashes and become stronger than you have ever been before.

If you are in a tough spot today, take a step back. What can you do now that will set you up for success in the future? Don’t give up. Use this time to revamp and rebuild. Tomorrow will be a better day. Go create your own new aloe plant.

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