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The Fish Tank

On this historic day in our country’s history, please take a moment to remember those that were lost, those that serve, and the freedom we all enjoy that makes our country the best one on earth.

Twin Tower Picture

Thank you.

Now we hope you enjoy today’s Monday Huddle Up…..

Every trip we make to the pet store, our son Brock immediately runs off to see the animals. He likes to see the birds, the kittens, and the snakes (he is a seven year old boy after all). The one place he likes to spend the most time is at the fish tanks. Brock is fascinated by water creatures. Fish, turtles, octopus, dolphins, and of course sharks. If it is in the water he loves it.

On a recent pet store visit, while we were looking at the fish, I remembered an old theory about how fish only grow based on the physical environment around them. That is, a fish can’t grow large if it’s in a small tank. Put the fish in a larger tank, it can get bigger. Keep it in a small tank, the fish will remain small. While watching Brock look at the small fish in the small tanks, this theory resonated with me as it relates to our announcement last week.

The technology platform we have built over the past few years couldn’t continue to grow in the “tank” it was in. The Sports Tourism Index + Scout™ were originally developed on a pretty basic platform. For it to continue to grow and be all that it could become it needed to be in a bigger fish tank, which quite honestly, was technologically beyond our team’s expertise. Our partnership with Tempest and iDSS will allow for our little fish to grow in a new and larger environment.

Fish Jumping in Bigger Tank

There is an old adage about setting something free to let it achieve its destiny. This was exactly one of those cases. For the Index + Scout to become what it could become, we had to put it in a new environment.

This past week we have been inundated with notes of congratulations, thank yous, and also questions about what this partnership means for the future. While in the near term, nothing changes as to how the platform will function, we wanted to make sure everyone on the HUG team was in the loop on how this larger fish tank vision will play out. Below is a link to many of the questions that have been posed to our team along with answers to each one. If you have additional questions or thoughts, please address them to me directly. Here is the link…..

Remember today. Think about the fish tank. Look ahead to great things.

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