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Third Time's the Charm

Those that have been readers of our Monday Huddle Ups for a while know that the past decade-plus of these musings have resulted in two books. Sports Smart was published in 2014, and Sports Service in 2017. We figured seven years was long enough, so book number three is on the way. However, this one will be a bit different in two ways…..

First, some of the more popular Monday Huddle Ups have been those that contain some form of a list. So for the new book that is the path we are following. 10 chapters, each covering a subject area, and a top 10 list for each one. Basically, 100 total thoughts on things we have picked up over the past 28 years in the sports tourism and events industry. It will be a quick read and hopefully a beneficial one for those that invest the time to page through it.

The second difference for this book versus the last two is that we want you, our readers, to help pick some of the topics. We’ve begun writing already however we have room for a few subject suggestions to help round out the text. If you have an area of interest you’d like us to chime in on, please send it on over. Any of those topics we use, we will send you a copy of the new book when it’s ready (and we will probably send you some new HUG swag as well).

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and also many thanks to all of our readers for your ongoing support.

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