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Top 10: Lessons Learned

Every so often we survey the followers of the Monday Morning Huddle Up on what they (you) like to read and consume. Now 11 years into crafting these weekly messages (hard to believe), the feedback always says “Top Ten” lists are quite popular.

Given that intel, below are 10 things I’ve learned over the past 27 years in this industry (and also a few from outside of it)…..

  1. The best things in life are not Things.

  2. In great deals, neither side walks away laughing or crying.

  3. “Yes” and “no” are perfectly acceptable answers. “Maybe” sucks.

  4. Transparency is better than the alternative.

  5. Our company motto: “Faith, family, and flexibility” has served us well.

  6. It’s not, “Time, talent, OR treasure.” The best volunteers/board members bring their time talent AND treasure to the table.

  7. If your gut tells you not to do a deal, trust it, even if you need the win/money.

  8. If you put the industry and people you serve first, the rest takes care of itself.

  9. Humbleness outweighs ego every time.

  10. Money is replaceable, many other things (like your health and relationships) are not.

We hope some of these were, or can be, useful to you in the future. Thank you to my mentors, family, and friends that taught me many of these valuable lessons over the years.

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