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We the people. Those three words are closely held in the hearts of every American. As the preamble to the Constitution, these are some of the first words we learn in school, and are often pointed to when talking about what we stand for as a nation. The part that comes right after this is every bit as important, “…in order to form a more perfect Union…” Our forefathers were very intentional with what they penned here. It doesn’t say a “perfect Union,” is says a “more perfect Union.” Nothing will ever be perfect, however, we should always strive to work together as best we can to arrive at a positive result. That is the theme of today’s Huddle Up.

Our team has consulted hundreds of destinations and sports organizations over the years and without fail, there is conflict. It can’t be avoided. In our experience, most often issues arise for one reason.


People with agendas. People with an axe to grind. People that can’t see the bigger picture. People that are in it for themselves and little else. In the end, it’s nearly always the people that are involved that cause and sustain conflict.

Want to know the secret sauce for those organizations that have been able to provide solid solutions to their struggles?…..


Solutions can become reality when people think about the greater good. People that are about more than just themselves. People that don’t come to the table with their own scheme in hand.

See, it works both ways. People can be the problem and also the solution. People can look out for themselves, or for the greater good. Our team at Huddle Up Group tries to uphold the latter. We are not perfect, nobody is. However, we believe if we put our industry and the people within it first, everything else will take care of itself.

Think about that for your organization and your industry. If you put others first, shouldn’t the rest follow? The business, the partnerships, the relationships, shouldn’t they all present themselves if you serve the greater good? We believe so much so that this premise is baked into our company’s DNA.

Go out there and put others first. Be the “we” and not the “me.” Do that and great things will happen

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