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Our 10th Anniversary

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

No, this year’s first Huddle Up is not about the iconic Pearl Jam album “10” nor the 1979 Bo Derek movie of the same name. It’s about something much more important (at least to us). Our little tribe at HUG is celebrating a milestone. This coming June will mark the Huddle Up Group’s 10th anniversary. It has been a great ride and we have been blessed to work with hundreds of awesome people through the years.

Rather than having a big soiree to celebrate our “aluminum” anniversary we have decided to take a different path. We are going to spread our revelry throughout the year. Each month we will announce something new to celebrate the last ten years and also to look forward to the decade ahead. We will use the Monday Huddle Ups as the primary communication tool for these announcements although some may spill over into LinkedIn and the various industry trade shows.

So what will be the first big reveal? Glad you asked. Here it is…

We are starting a non-profit foundation to support the sports tourism industry. The mission of the foundation will be to offer resources to people that need them most. People that are just entering the industry, organizations just getting started, or even those that have hit hard times and need a little boost. In honor of our 10th year, we are going so seed the foundation initially with $10,000. Going forward, a percentage of every project we work on will go to the foundation as a source of sustainable funding. More to come on this effort soon, but we wanted to first share this news with all of you, many of whom have been with us from the beginning.

Quite frankly, our team has been given so much by so many, it’s hard to really hone in on one focus area for this new endeavor. There are so many people we think we could help, but there are never enough resources. So this will be a fluid process as we get the ball rolling.

Thank you to all of you who have played a part in Huddle Up’s journey so far. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. We hope that this small step will help the generations that follow. Even though this is but one small effort today, who knows, maybe it will turn into something bigger than us in the future.

Take the small step this year.

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