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A Breath

As I sat down to craft the year’s final Monday Huddle Up, my brain was blank. Usually, I have a stack of themes and notes that I want to weave into a future writing. Today, nada. Over the past 8-plus years of drawing up these weekly musings, my own form of writer’s block has happened once or twice before.

So as I was planning to give in and send a Happy Holidays note with a “be back next week” message, I was reminded of something many of the people around me have said in their own way.

Take a breath.

It’s okay to take a break and slow down sometimes. Especially in today’s world.

With that advice in mind, today is a day to take a breath and reflect on all the good things in this world. Even when the universe seems on tilt, it’s time to take a break and seek out the good things that still exist (like a great game of Uno with my family).

Have a great week ahead. Catch you in the New Year. Uno!

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