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There is a common saying in professional sports that an athlete’s best “ability” is “availability.” The notion is that you can be a great player, but if you can’t stay healthy and on the field, you don’t add much value to the team. This is especially true in highly physical sports like football.

In a different way, your availability is critical in contributing to your team. If we can’t make time for people that need us when they need us, we won’t be much help. I’m notorious for being busy. I often get overscheduled which can sometimes cause challenges in getting projects done early and efficiently. What can I say, I’m working on it.

One way to combat this calendar overcrowding is to schedule time for the actual project work. Just like you’d schedule a sales call for a potential new client, schedule blocks of time to get critical tasks done. I will often block out two hours to write and review a strategic plan, or review impact numbers for a facility feasibility project. Going event further, most of the people on our Huddle Up Group team schedule time to work out during the week. I’ll even put trips to the bank and the store on my calendar as well.

Bottom line, at least for me, is if it isn’t written down, it likely won’t get done.

Use your scheduling ability to increase your availability.

Your “teams” be they family or coworkers will be grateful you did.

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