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With Christmas and New Years falling on Mondays this holiday season, the Monday Huddle Up took a two week hiatus, which I’m not sure has ever happened in the 11-plus years we have been penning this weekly outreach.  In any event, giving me two weeks to deliberate on what the 2024 Huddle Ups would look like is a dangerous proposition.

After much thought, we have landed on today’s theme, the IF-THEN theory.  IF we do this, THEN what may happen.  Or not happen.  Thanks for your time to follow along on our first Monday Huddle Up journey in 2024……

When I was in middle school we were exposed to computer programming.  BASIC programming as I recall, on a Commodore 64 which at the time was one of the most sophisticated computers on earth (I know I’m dating myself here).  Our computer class was all about IF-THEN statements.  As an example, IF this value was equal to or greater than 10, THEN this happens.  It was a pretty cool class for a group of young teenagers.

Looking at this past weekend of NFL play, there were a lot of IF-THEN scenarios relating to the playoffs.  IF the Steelers win on Saturday (they did), THEN the Jaguars need to win on Sunday to be playoff eligible.  IF the Cowboys win, THEN they win the NFC East and the #2 seed.  Things like that.  Which leads us to this week’s theme.

IF we do X in 2024, THEN what will the result be?

Below are some business examples...

IF we build that new facility, THEN what new events can our destination land?

IF we create a new services position, THEN what benefit will our partners likely receive?

Now a couple of personal ones...

IF we get extra rest rather than binge watch a show on Netflix, THEN how much better will our morning workouts be the following day?  (Note: I’m guilty of this one, The Crown is our current show of choice).

IF we eat salads for lunch rather than cheeseburgers, THEN how much weight loss can we generate?

So going with the IF-THEN theme, what would your statements for 2024 look like?  For your company, for your family, for you as an individual.  Going through this exercise can be scary as you have to be quite introspective, which is challenging for some.  However the process is worth it.  So give it a try, give yourself some time to generate two IF-THEN statements for the coming year.

Write them down.  Post them in a visible place.  Review them often.  I will even help with an example from one of mine for 2024.  Here you go…..

IF I don’t share my goals and aspirations with those around me, THEN they won’t be able to help me achieve them.

Two statements for 2024.  Ready, set, GO!

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