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Lessons Learned – Part II

Lessons Learned Part 2

Our June 19th Monday Huddle Up on “Top 10 Lessons Learned” drew quite a response. It also generated some suggested additions to our list. So much so that we are compelled to offer up a second list of 10 bits of wisdom, most all of which were provided by you, our readers. Here we go. Ten more lessons learned…..

  1. Experience shared is wisdom imparted. (Thanks Bob!)

  2. Celebrate the success of others. (Thanks Ray!)

  3. Good enough, by definition, is not good enough. (Thanks to my wife Sharon!)

  4. Emphasize the WHY and the HOW, over a sales pitch about WHAT you do. (Thanks Jay!)

  5. Strive to never be the smartest person in the room, and if you are, don’t act like it. (Thanks Dean!)

  6. Be demanding, not demeaning. Call your people UP, not OUT. (Thank you best-selling author Jon Gordon!)

  7. My favorite three letters are B, B, and Q. (Thanks Kris!)

We will finish up with two famous quotes and one last item of wisdom…..

8. “There is the family you have, and the family you choose.”

9. “Don’t borrow trouble.”

10. And finally, paraphrasing a tip from Ted Lasso….. “The happiest animal on earth is a goldfish. They have a 10-second memory. They don’t remember for very long when something bad happens. Go be a goldfish.”

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