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Quotable Quotes

My stepfather John Rogers was an avid reader of Reader’s Digest. He couldn’t wait for the newest issue to come in the mailbox so he could read the sections containing funny stories and anecdotes. I too learned to like this publication. The funny stories were great however my favorite part of the Digest was called “Quotable Quotes”. This part of the magazine consisted of a couple pages of quotes from famous people. If I really liked a quote I’d cut it out and store it in a file folder. I still have some of those quotes I clipped out some three decades ago.

As I was reminiscing about the Digest and how much fun we had reading through each new issue, I thought about all the great quotes that have been spoken to me over 25 years of work in the sports tourism industry. For today’s Huddle Up, I’ll share a few of them with you. In parenthesis is the subject that was being discussed when the quote surfaced. Here we go.

“Whatever you do, just answer the bell tomorrow.” – Ray Hoyt

(Our young team at Senior Games was headed out for a night of celebration)

“The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner tomorrow starts.” – Jim Host

(Talking about his excitement to go to work each day – at the age of 82)

“I don’t care about your time sheet. We hired you to get a job done.” – Rob Cohen

(When discussing my upcoming vacation schedule during my time in Denver)

“Yes and no are perfectly acceptable answers, maybe sucks.” – My wife, Sharon Schmieder

(Talking about decision making)

“The goal is to be fair and to put money in your blue jeans.” – David McReynolds

(David’s philosophy of doing business)

“Do it before you need to and not when it’s too late.” – Rob Cohen

(Rob’s theory on when to expand and hire a new staff member)

“Talk to them about pizza.” – Frank Viverito

(Addressing the best way to explain economic impact to stakeholders – story tell)

“Your name and logo needs to tell a personal story.” – Scott Stratten

(The famous author/speaker actually took time to help us think through what our company would look like, and be called, when we launched HUG back in 2012)

Last one from my dad back in his coaching days, but it still applies.

“If you have two quarterbacks, that means you have none.” – Dr. Richard Schmieder

(Meaning that if someone says they have two good options for something, that means they don’t have a proven star that can make a difference)

Hope some of these help in whatever place you are in your journey. Thanks for going down memory lane with me today. Now go answer the bell, talk about pizza and blue jeans, take a position, and don’t suck.

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