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Family Feud Results

Those that know me know that I love game shows. Playing games and watching game shows on television were traditions in our household growing up and we’ve carried that on into adulthood. Family Feud is one of the shows that has stood the test of time for our family and it’s on our TV at home on a regular basis. Even our son Brock (age 6) loves Steve Harvey and “The Feud.”

If you are not familiar with the show, now in it’s 46th season, the game pits two families against each other in a competition based on surveys of 100 people on a particular question. If your team gets to 300 total points first, you win and get to play the bonus round (“Fast Money”) and also return for the next show as the defending champions. Win five shows in a row, the team wins a new car and is then retired from the game.

On a recent show, one of the survey questions was this…

Steve Harvey: “We surveyed 100 men. What word that starts with the letter H would you want to show up on your tombstone?”

The survey respondents offered up seven total answers, as shown in the header of this week’s Huddle Up above. Take a look back at their answers.

As people play the game at home, you typically yell out your answers to the questions when they are asked (it’s a hit the buzzer type thing to be first to respond to the question). In our house we give out our first answer then talk with each other about other potential responses we think are on the “board.” For this particular question about the letter “H” and men’s tombstones, we got most of the answers in the photo above. However, there were two answers we had that we thought would be at the top of the list. Yet, they weren’t there at all…



If we as men aspire more to be a “hunk” or a “hottie” before we want to be honest and humble, I think we have lost our way as a society. I’d rather keep my extra 10-15 pounds on my frame knowing that people can trust me. I’d take a humble disposition over ripped abs any day.

Okay, it’s a game show survey of Joe Public in a mall setting (usually). I get it. That group may not be representative of the general population in our country. But what if it is?

Nobody is perfect. I’m certainly not. However we should all strive to exhibit the good “H”s – Humble, Honest, Honorable. And we should toss out the bad ones – hunk, hottie, handsome. After all, if you don’t embody the good stuff, the rest doesn‘t really matter, does it?

Have a great week ahead.

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